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How to Cultivate Love of Reading in Students?

How to Cultivate Love of Reading in Students?

Today, people of all age groups and from all walks of life, especially the millennials, carry a smartphone as it has become the need of everyone. However, the biggest drawback that this pocket-carry device brings in the lifestyle, mainly of students, is it increases the procrastination level massively. As a result, Generation Y and Generation Z start losing concentration and focus from the studies. There is no denying that students have to carry a load of assignments these days and to make flawless assignments, one needs to read a lot to understand the assignment question. Meanwhile, reading is something from which every student runs away, and it’s not a good thing for them.  

We all know that students nowadays are tech-savvy and find a solution to all their issues online. Similarly, to get their assignments burden off, students pick their phones and search ‘best dissertation writing help’ and hire the experts that suit them best. It’s a reasonable way to get the assignments done as with online academic services, you can learn tips about writing with perfection. However, such services are making students lazy when it comes to reading articles, books, and newspapers, and parents and teachers should think about it. There are many ways to cultivate the love of reading in students and make them realize the worth of a reader.

In this blog post, we will share some tips that all teachers and parents should follow to bring students towards reading.

Read to Inspire 

The first thing a teacher and the parents need to encourage students towards reading is to do the same – read. If you are an occasional reader, start reading on a daily basis so that the kid takes an interest in what you read. We all know that children quickly absorb the environment, and if you provide them with the reading environment, they will definitely adopt it. It is the foremost step to create an interest in reading in kids.

Share your Reading Experiences

As a teacher and parents, you should share the reading experiences with the kids to make them realize what a reader can do in his or her life. You can share various experiences about reading like when did you start reading, which was the first book you read and why? What are you reading currently? Which genres do you read the most? Which time do you enjoy reading? Etc., etc. There’s a lot to share about reading which can make the students know how fun and engaging reading is

Set Up Reading Groups

The best way to utilize the smartphone productively and effectively is to encourage the kids to join various book clubs like Goodreads, Reddit, and Andrew Luck, and create reading groups on social media and invite friends to join it. Most of the students interact with each other on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram and spend hours on useless arguments. Instead of it, they should create reading groups and discuss and recommend what they’ve read recently.  

Organize a Read-a-Thon 

Teachers should plan a Read-a-Thon event at least twice a year to cultivate the love for reading in them. It’s basically a two-week event in which schools focus on reading only. Kids are invited to read their favorite books or select ‘challenge a book.’ Students don’t need to wear uniforms during this event. Besides, the Read-a-Thon event helps schools raise funds without all the hassles of traditional fundraising programs.

Take Kids to Library

Another way to make reading social and exciting for kids is to take the kids to various libraries and bookstores. It’s important for students to visit libraries as it is the only place where they are surrounded by books, books, and only books. When the kids see thousands of books around themselves, it will automatically excite them to read a page or two to know what the book is about and if they find it interesting, it will be the first step towards the reading. So, make sure to visit the library at least once a week along with your kids. Besides, schools should also set a time in which students should visit the library and read anything interesting to them.   

Invite Students to Listen to Audio Books

Every student has a smartphone or a laptop these days, where they spend most of the time. If the students run away from reading books, invite them to listen to audiobooks available online. It is another way to build interest in reading in students. In audiobooks, it’s obvious that students can’t improve their fluency skills, but it helps them to boost other factors like vocabulary and comprehension strategies. Besides, it’s easier to visualize the scenes in audiobooks than reading the text.     

Invite Authors for Speech

Another top way to motivate students about reading is to invite authors to schools and give students a chance of interacting with them. To take the motivation to the next level, invite authors who have the same problem of running away from reading at their school age. The journey of such authors will inspire the kids more.

Introduce Reading Class 

Another suggestion to all schools is they should take at least an hour-long reading class in which teachers should tell students about the reading strategies. Tell them where they should start and what they should read. There are different genres and different kinds of writings, which makes students confuse. It’s the responsibility of a teacher to help every individual find the content they should read.

These are a few basic steps that can generate the love of reading in students. Besides, you can also adapt the strategies that you think can help students encourage reading.


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