Read these terms and conditions first before placing an order. Here, ‘we’, ‘us’ and DoMyDissertation refers to DoMyDissertation.

  • DoMyDissertation is not responsible for the assignment it submits after one week. We provide our customers with a grace period of two days after our deadline, which is ‘five days’, after that the company takes no responsibility for any refund or editing. You will have to make fresh payments for further services.
  • We take care of our customers and never reveal their identities, but if we found any identity theft in your details, we keep the right to do legal proceedings against the offence
  • The company is responsible for timely deliveries, but if you are late at submitting the details of your custom assignment, then we are not responsible for the delay in our services. We start constructing your assignments and other papers when we are provided with the complete details and payment confirmation.
  • DoMyDissertation keeps the rights to take any legal action against you if you ever used our content for any commercial purpose. We do not even allow our customers to paraphrase our content and move it on for copies, reproduction and distributions.
  • Once you make the payment, there is no chance of cancelling the order. The amount is not refundable in any condition. We only provide our valuable customers with refunds when we fail to deliver what we have promised them while taking their orders.
  • In any refund case only 50% of the total amount is refundable. We keep the remaining as our service charges.
  • DoMyDissertation keeps the right to change the prices. We do not have a fixed rate as we charge according to the requirements and workload. Our membership’s fees also see fluctuations as we decrease our rates when we are out of orders and increase them when we have excess orders lined up.

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